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A Comparison of Hair Transplant Methods Based On the Latest Technology

Technology is one of the major thrusts that help us improve treatment facilities. A few decades ago there were no authentic treatment procedure that could grow back lost hair. But now, there are several methods to choose from, basis their specific requirements and budget. Additionally, technology has also helped considerably in bringing down the cost of hair transplant treatment. Some of the popular treatment process that could be compared is Robotic hair transplantand suction assisted extraction.

Though both of the aforementioned process are similar and are a part of FUE and thus are considered to be a better option than FUHT process. However, the extraction method in both the processes varies and depends upon the varying technology that is used for extraction of hair follicles. The difference of technology that is used bring in the actual difference and thus a comparison of the transplant method is necessary before one can chose to go with one of the processes.

Robotic hair transplant or ARTAS method is based on technology that uses robotic arm to extract the follicles. In this method the needle is guided on the basis of images and videos recorded by camera mounted on the robotic arm. The images and videos produce data that ensure that the punctures are made in the perfect angle. This technological advantage considerably reduces the transaction rate of extracted follicles. Further, this modern hair transplant method requires less than half time than that needed for traditional follicular unit extraction.

In comparison to this seemingly best method, suction assisted extraction procedure for hair transplantation has wielded a lot of compliments both from patients and transplant surgeons. This is very much similar to motorized punch process, but in this technique scalp remains untouched during the process of extraction. This method as one of the latest hair transplant technique is quite popular as it does not require puncturing the scalp for extraction. However, the process of suction that is implied for the extraction of follicles is not considered the best alternative. The follicles extracted through this process are prone to trauma and many a time is rendered useless due to their traumatic state.

In both the aforementioned process only the extraction process is different. The process of graft implantation remains the same. However, robotic hair transplant method is considered to be a better option as the extracted grafts are healthy and thus make for better implants. The only disadvantage of this latest hair transplant technique remains to be the punctures that it leaves on the scalp. However, the punctures are not clustered and thus get easily covered up once the hair grows back.

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