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Caring for Cancer Patients- Through Wigs

In one’s fight with cancer, an inevitable harsh reality stands in the face- imminent loss of hair with cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cancer  treatment aftermaths is not about a person’s battle with the disease but with oneself after he or she has already defeated one’s cruelest enemy.

We fully and absolutely agree that Beauty is Skin Deep; but it’s just that having gorgeous locks of hair does wonders in boosting one’s self-esteem and confidence. We, at Berkowits, bow down to the warrior spirits in you and lends you a friendly helping hand by offering distinct wigs and hair prosthetics for cancer patients and cancer survivors.

At Berkowits, there is wide variety of wigs to choose from, in various styles and colors depending upon an individual’s desires and requirements. These wigs are lightweight, comfortable, safe and are suitably ventilated to wear during heat and humidity. The experts at our clinic assist you in choosing the right wig depending on your face, personality and these wigs can be styled as per your wish. Patients suffering from Alopecia areata totalis and Alopecia aerate universalist can avail this facility. Berkowits provide wigs for cancer patients, best hair wigs for cancer patients, synthetic hair wigs for cancer patients, wigs for cancer patients in Delhi.

Various types of wigs available at our clinic are:

  • Ready-to-wear human hair wig

Made from 100% real human hair and looks natural

Durable and lasts long

Can be styled, colored, blow-dried etc. just like your own hair

  • Ready-to-wear synthetic hair wig

Made from synthetic thread

Easy to wash, leave to dry and care for as they bounce back to their original shape and style

Hair dryer and heated rollers cannot be used

Cheaper than human hair wig

  • Customized wigs

Tailor made to suit your face, persona and can be styled and colored as per your desire

Can be made from synthetic or human hair 

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