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    Dandruff is perhaps the most well-known skin disease of all time. It is mostly harmless but can be embarrassing and annoying. In its essence its simply accelerated skin cell turnover, meaning skin cells grow and die off too fast. These dead cells accumulate on the scalp and look like scales. Dandruff can also occur due to skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, or yeast.

    Causes and Triggers of Dandruff

    Seborrhoeic Dermatits

    A common skin condition, that is marked by red, greasy skin covered with white or yellow flaky scales. It can affect areas such as your scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes etc.

    The Malassezia Fungus

    Everybody has this fungus present on their scalp, but it only causes dandruff and itching in around half of us. This fungus produces Oleic Acid while breaking down the natural oils of the scalp (also called sebum). Around half of the world’s population is sensitive to Oleic Acid and may experience dandruff due to the same.

    Dry Skin

    Flakes caused due to dry skin are different from those caused by an infection or a fungus. They are smaller and less oily and redness and inflammation are unlikely.

    Lack of Scalp Hygiene

    Bad scalp hygiene can cause oil and dead skin cells to build up and can cause dandruff.

    Causes and Triggers of Dandruff

    Before / After Treatment

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