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    Being one of the most common problems people experience with their skin and hair, there are many services, products and home remedies one comes across. It is important to differentiate between those that have clinical evidence to support their claims and those that do not.

    Although, dandruff is not a serious health hazard, it still causes some amount of minor discomforts on your scalp. Not one factor, but many unpredictable factors lead to the cause of dandruff. Mostly, it is caused by skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. It is of vital importance that the root cause of dandruff is identified, so that necessary steps can be taken to eradicate it.

    As mentioned earlier, dandruff can be caused due to several factors. Some of the commonly identified factors are dry skin, dermatitis, fungal infection and poor scalp hygiene.

    Though the causes of dandruff may vary from person to person, there are some common therapies used in the conventional treatment of dandruff. Currently, there are many hair care products, shampoos and creams in the market which claim a complete relief from dandruff. It is highly advised that you choose an appropriate product for our hair care; otherwise the ingredients in the products can even produce adverse effects on your hair and skin.

    For an Effective Anti-Dandruff Treatment, it is important that you choose the right ingredients in your Shampoo/Conditioner. Some of the ingredients are:

    Services at Berkowits for Dandruff

    Apart from treating dandruff using hair care products, there are certain treatments available in hair care clinics, which can give you a long lasting relief from this condition. Some of the hair dandruff treatments include:

    Scalp Peel

    Scalp peel ispowerful dandruff treatment for removing the dead skin cells on the scalp. Scalp treatment for dandruff reduces the dead skin cells and curbs the growth of such cells thereby eradicating dandruff overtime.

    High Frequency

    Ozone therapy is one treatment that acts as a disinfectant for the germs on the scalp and eradicates dandruff that causes fungus, thereby inhibiting its growth. It is important to choose a suitable hair dandruff treatment.

    Before / After Treatment

    Dandruff is a condition that does not vanish overnight. This condition is definitely embarrassing and annoying but there is a way to prevent it. It certainly takes a few weeks of consistent treatment to see noticeable effects. Apart from the conventional treatments for dandruff, you can follow some easy home remedies like regular wash of the hair, limited use of chemical hair products from preventing develop this condition.

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