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    Dull Skin

    The skin is one of the most important organs comprised of lipids, proteins, sweat glands, oil glands, hair, water, nerve receptors, etc. It regulates body temperature through sweating and serves as a barrier against the entry of micro-organisms.

    Water forms 64% of skin tissue. It performs the function of maintaining skin elasticity. Without moisture, skin tissue would become brittle and fragile.

    Other reasons for dull skin are lack of exfoliation, dryness, and ageing. The appearance of the skin is a reflection of overall health. Therefore, there is a need to seek treatment for dull skin as part of healthcare overall.

    Causes of Dull Skin

    Dull Skin can be caused by a variety of factors.


    As we age, our ability to renew skin cells slows down leading to a build up of dead skin cells.

    Dead Skin

    The skin undergoes a natural process of renewal, shedding the old skin cells and generating new ones. The dead skin cells can accumulate without proper exfoliation.

    Dry Skin

    Skin lacking moisture can appear dull and gray.

    Lack of Sleep

    One of the reasons you look like you’re not sleeping enough could be the fact that you’re actually not! Good restful sleep is important for all bodily functions and your skin is no exception..

    How To Manage Dull Skin Yourself

    Moisturize and Nourish Your Skin

    Hydrating your skin regularly can help impart a natural glow to your skin. Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the skin and is responsible for hydrating it. Use a moisturizer rich in Vitamin C, you can also choose dermal fillers for more long-lasting results

    Exfoliate Your skin

    Though the skin sheds dead skin cells naturally, exfoliation can help speed up the process to give you younger looking skin. Crystal Clean up Facials, Inno Facials and Dermal Peels can exfoliate the top layer of your skin safely to give you smoother, younger looking skin.

    Cleanse and Detoxify Your Skin

    The environment we live in is taxing tothe skin. With pollutants entering the skin to make-up blocking skin pores, there are many skin problems associated with the environment we provide to the skin. Make sure you clean your skin multiple times in a day with a nourishing face wash or a gentle cleanser.Inno Facials can help remove pollutants from the skin.

    Treatment for Dull Skin

    1) Skin Glowing Treatment – This is also known as skin brightening treatment. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun leads to an uneven complexion. Alternately, the usage of chemical products results in skin damage.

    At Berkowits, skin brightening focuses on reversing the wear and tear caused by synthetic products and ultraviolet radiation. This therapy results in a uniform skin tone. Skin brightening is achieved through the usage of –

    Glutathione – It controls hyperpigmentation by inhibiting production of melanin and binding to skin-damaging free radicals. Therefore, it is an excellent treatment for glowing skin.

    Laser therapy – Special type of lasers known as Q-lasers have the ability to degrade chromogenic components such as melanin and tattoo ink. Application of this laser can help in the removal of uneven complexion, resulting in an even skin tone.

    Exfoliation –It means the removal of dead skin. It is carried out by using acid which results in peeling off of the outer dead skin. Therefore, it is also known as derma peeling.

    2) Collagen Induction Therapy–Collagen is a protein contributing to skin firmness. Ageing results in collagen reduction. Treatment aimed at increasing collagen production is called collagen induction therapy. Berkowits offers collagen production through completely natural sources such as beverage powders, facemasks containing milk protein, tablets with grapeseed extracts, and serum enriched with Vitamin C.

    3) Microneedling Treatment – This is an artificial method employed to enhance collagen production. It can also be used in the removal of scars and wrinkles. In this process, roller equipment is applied on to the skin. It is known as a dermaroller. It contains micro-sized needles that puncture the skin. Micro-injury to the skin pierces the dead skin tissue layer. Collagen production is forcefully induced which repairs skin tissue. The popularity of the microneedling treatment has made it completely synonymous with collagen therapy.

    Cost of Dull Skin Treatment

    Collagen Induction Therapy Cost– Berkowits focuses on increasing collagen levels in the skin through completely natural means. Therefore, the therapeutic products are offered at a discounted cost ranging from 10% to 65% rebate. These products are reasonably priced so as to be accessible to all sections of society.

    In comparison, other skincare facilities pinch a hole in your pocket with respect to the cost of collagen induction therapy. The effects of the therapy are long-lasting. Additionally, the customer does not experience any adverse effects as the treatment methods are completely natural.

    Micro-needling Treatment Cost– Micro-needling therapy is offered at two levels – dermatologist and at-home. The cost of therapy varies in each process. At the dermatologist, it is combined with radiation therapy for effective results.

    An at-home device comprises of a derma roller which can be used as per convenience. The cost of micro-needling treatment is much more than collagen induction therapy. However, it is a method more readily used as part of routine skincare.

    Other methods employed for the treatment of dull skin are facials, topical skin creams, and gels. These are available at an affordable price.

    There are various factors that affect skin health, such as lifestyle, environmental factors, ageing, etc. Good skincare habits include hydration, exfoliation, applying sunscreens, consuming a proper diet, undisturbed sleep, detoxification, etc.

    A decline in skin health is inevitable with age. It is recommended to invest in a regular and effective skincare routine to avoid expensive costs of dull skin treatment in the long run.

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