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Know Everything about Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant

Know Everything about Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant

In showbiz, a celebrity’s success is often determined by their appearance. Numerous celebrities have undergone Hair Transplants at some stage of their careers. Amongst the actors who did hair transplant, one such celebrity is the very popular, Salman Khan. Salman’s hairstyle is something many young men aspire for. Although, not many people are aware of the Salman Khan Hair transplant owing to his mega-star status. That apart, his hair transplant is proof of the dramatic transformation that can be achieved through hair transplant surgery.

First Attempt at Hair Transplant in 2003

Hair loss is fairly normal as we age. Salman Khan is no exception. He suffered severe thinning hair and exhibited male pattern baldness. Salman Khan was seen with a receding hairline back in 2002 that was visibly very prominent. Through the years, that recession became more pronounced with Salman Khan eventually shaving his head. And for his fans, Salman Khan without hair was simply unimaginable. At around this period, a photograph doing the rounds revealed Salman Khan with a hair transplant scar at the back of his head, a scar that emerges with a FUT procedure for baldness cure. It was during this time that he underwent hair transplant surgery to preserve his looks and more importantly to re-establish himself in Bollywood. Salman Khan underwent a hair transplant back in 2003 that unfortunately did more harm than good. In an attempt to cover it up, he had to shave his head off to disguise the botched hair transplant surgery. This is when the Indian film industry went abuzz with Salman Khan’s hair transplant fiasco.

Successful FUE Hair Transplant in 2007

After the fiasco of 2003, Salman Khan underwent hair transplant once again, but with the difference that he chose to opt for FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method this time for the hair transplant surgery. A total of 4 hair transplant surgeries were performed in which 2 were done using the FUE technique and the other 2 were strip surgeries. To avoid scarring, he chose not to have his hair transplanted from his scalp and instead opted for synthetic fibers that were woven into his scalp. The end results were brilliant as Salman Khan gained hair that looked real and natural.

The Recent Hair Transplant of 2016

Salman Khan underwent Hair Transplant for a third time in 2016 at his Panvel farmhouse. A team of doctors were flown in from Dubai to perform the transplant. As Hair Transplant surgeries are most effective when performed in an ambient cool weather, he chose to have this performed at his Panvel farmhouse as it has a cool climate.

With a successful Hair Transplant, Salman Khan has shot back to fame with numerous successes owing to his restored looks and now he can be seen with a head full of hair that looks stunning and completely natural. Salman Khan’s latest hairstyle is all the rage with his fans nowadays and is a solid proof of the powers of FUE Hair Transplant surgery.

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