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    What is it?

    Millions of people suffer from excessive sweating on a daily basis. This is an unwanted condition that can arise from anxiety, overheating, and other less likely medical conditions and run your social life through the wringer. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis.

    Although most people don’t suffer any serious medical condition along with their excessive sweating, the problems associated with this condition can affect the day to day life of a person in a myriad number of ways and stunt an otherwise healthy social life.

    Sweat glands are triggered by nerves when your body is overheated, you are feeling emotional due to hormonal factors. In Hyperhidrosis, imagine your sweat glands as always being switched ‘on’, this condition causes excessive sweating especially in areas such as armpits, hands, feet and the face.

    Excessive sweating treatment is available, and an otherwise embarrassing condition that would debilitate millions of lives can now be solved with a simple, scientifically approved process that aims to remove underarm and armpit sweat. It allows peace of mind for people needing hyperhidrosis treatment. At our excessive sweating treatment clinic, hyperhidrosis treatment cost can be affordable and within reach for many sufferers.

    We believe that our plans offering hyperhidrosis treatment are not only be economical but an amazing means to reclaim your life from the hands of hyperhidrosis, quelling the fears of those anxious about excessive sweating treatment cost.

    Causes of Excessive Sweating

    There are several benign and not so benign reasons for excessive sweating, such as:
    • Hot and humid climate
    • Anxiety
    • Obesity
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Congestive heart failure
    • Side effects of certain medications

    When your nerves are always fired up and constantly running on overdrive, either due to hormonal or emotional reasons, this can cause your sweat glands to remain active, ruining your clothes and cause bad body odor.

    How Can it Be Treated?

    There is no need to suffer any longer, as high-quality options intended for hyperhidrosis treatment are now available. Nor is there a need to be apprehensive about hyperhidrosis treatment cost, as state-of-the-art technology offers a very reasonable excessive sweating treatment resolution.

    Please contact us at our designated email address and/or designated call numbers to find out excessive sweating treatment cost and avail the advice of trained experts to see if this medical treatment is right for you.Excessive Sweating can be ‘managed’ by injecting neurotoxins into the affected areas. These injectables are US FDA cleared and work by blocking the nerves responsible for activating the sweat glands.

    An Inconvenient Truth

    People with the need for excessive sweating treatment may require their nervous systems to calm down, and so an FDA-approved injectable is administered to the problem area, paralyzing the overactive nerves and sweat glands. The surrounding muscles are frozen, smoothing out wrinkles and making the affected area free of age lines.

    Medical treatments such as this can last for months rather than just hours like a normal antiperspirant, and dramatically reduce sweating in even the most anxious of people. The effects kick in within a week after treatment and usually dramatically improve the quality of life. And considering the fact that the excessive sweating treatment is almost nearly painless, why not go for it?

    At our excessive sweating treatment clinic, the hyperhidrosis treatment cost can vary as it depends on the amount of body areas needing to be injected.

    Before / After Treatment


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