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    About Treatment

    Popularly known as Hollywood facial or Red carpet facial, this has become very popular among celebrities.It gives you an instant glow which lasts for a week.It helps in removing tanning ,makes skin soft and firm. Ideal for all skin types even for oily and acne prone skin and sensitive skin.It has no downtime at all!
    This is the most effective glow treatment among all the treatment available currently.
    A very good pre-bridal service for the entire family !!
    It works on anti-ageing ,blemished skin and removes uneven skin tone if done for multiple sessions.
    3-4 sittings should be recommended at a gap of 15 days and then maintenance sessions can be taken every month like a regular facial.

    Fire & Ice facial Offers

    Duration of service- 45 minutes

    Price –single session- 4499/-

    Package of 4 sessions- 15499/-( Including 1 berkowits vit. C serum+protect sunscreen)

    Before / After Treatment

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