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Hair Bonding in Lockdown

Hair Bonding in Lockdown


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Step 1: Removal of Hair Unit

  1. Spray an Adhesive Remover (That is safe to be used on the scalp) such as C-22 or Lace Release on the sides of the hair unit. Look for areas where the bonding is loose.
  2. The bonding will start to come off
  3. Pull away the hair unit and trim the bond with a trimmer for ease of removal
  4. Once the hair unit is out, clean the leftover glue with C-22 or Lace Release. You can also use Alcohol in case an adhesive remover is not available.

Step 2(1): Preparation of the Scalp

  1. Shampoo the scalp and ensure that all oil is removed. Any leftover oil can result in the bonding getting loose before time.
  2. Spray Scalp Protector on the scalp, ensure complete coverage
  3. Scalp Protector should leave the scalp a little sticky.

Step 2(2) Preparation of the Hair Unit

  1. Remove all glue from the hair unit with cotton and Alcohol or C-22 (In case the glue has leaked into the net of the system)
  2. Shampoo the Hair Unit in a bowl and ensure all glue residue has been removed
  3. Condition the hair (Ensure the conditioner doesn’t touch the base of the unit) and leave it for 3-5 minutes on the tray upside down so the conditioner doesn’t seep into the base
  4. Wash the conditioner with the help of a comb and ensure the unit is entirely detangled
  5. Create a perimeter with tape Red Tape+White Tape/Lace Front Support Tape/ Ultra Hold Tape/ Easy Green Tape.

Step 3: Attachment of Hair Unit

  1. Use Ultra Hold and spread out thinly and evenly on the perimeter giving special attention to the edges. (Leave for 3-5 minutes)
  2. Mark the point where the middle of the hair unit should come with a white/kajal pencil.
  3. Now start the attachment process by first attaching the unit from the front by aligning to the mark you made earlier. Take care to ensure hair doesn’t get tangled up in the glue
  4. Now attach the rest of the hair unit.
  5. Use a towel to press down on the hair unit to ensure it is completely attached
  6. Style and finish the hair unit by using a hair serum or a hair mist.
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