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    1. Technicians are proper dressed in PPE for treatments.
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    4. Sanitization daily with sodium hypochloride solution

    About Male Pattern Baldness You don’t lose hair overnight. Hair loss is a gradual process that takes place over time and in stages. More commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness, hair loss takes a peculiar route which can be explained in 7 stages:

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    Meet Our Doctors Our Doctor Have Rich Experience in Hair Loss Treatment

    Dr. Anupriya Goel Medical Director

    An Aesthetic Dermatologist, she has made a name for herself in a very short span of time. Being the medical director of Berkowits Hair and Skin clinic, a team of more than 170 technicians and paramedical staff work under her guidance.

    Dr. Lamha Siddiqui Consultant Doctor

    A clinical cosmetologist and trichologist with more than 3 years of rich experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. She has good clinical experience in advanced injectable procedures in hair and skin. She has a fellowship in medical cosmetology from ILAMED, New Delhi.

    Frequently Asked Questions About LeadPress

    What treatment you provide for hair loss (what is cost)?

    We provide a Multi-therapy treatment for hair loss that combines FDA approved Hair Loss treatments and clinically proven therapies. Our 360 degree hair loss treatment targets hair loss holistically. The Cost depends on how intense is the treatment required by you. It can range from Rs 9000 to Rs 40,000 for a package of 3 months. You can visit our clinic for a consultation with an expert/Doctor. You can also go for advanced treatments like PRP,Bio-PRP and Stem cell therapy depending on your condition.

    What is autologous micro graft treatment and how it is done?

    This treatment is a unique cell suspension from these healthy and strong hair follicles that can be applied to the problematic scalp areas to support the patient and lifeless hair follicles. 3-4 tissue biopsy are taken from the hair in the posterior part of the ear by applying a small local anesthetic. These hair follicles are transformed into a special supercell suspension in the Regenera Activa system, and a completely unique hair loss treatment is prepared. Treatment is usually single session.

    After how many days I can see visible results?

    Mostly you will witness a reduction in hair loss within the first 2 months and hair regrowth within 3-4 months as that is the average length of the hair growth cycle. However results of the treatment vary from person to person. You can visit our clinic for more details.

    Are results will be permanent or for temporary.

    It is important for you to realise that any Hair Loss Treatment only aims to manage or control hair loss. If your Hair Loss is genetic there is not much of an option but to undergo some kind of a maintenance treatment, but if your hair loss is triggered by another cause such as lack of proper nutrition there is a possibility that the result will be permanent.

    What is PRP?

    PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma which is a naturally occurring growth and healing factor present in our blood. In this therapy, we extract a small amount of your blood and separate Platelet Rich Plasma from it. These growth and healing factors are then injected into your scalp to give your hair growth a boost and provide strength to the miniaturized hair follicles.

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