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    Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

    Are oils, creams and medications failing you for the regeneration of your lost hair? The reason could be genetics, and genetically, pattern baldness is the reason behind your hair loss. In such cases, hair transplantation is your best bet, where genetically resilient permanent hair is redistributed from the side and back parts of the head to the bald area.

    If you are looking for hair transplant in Hyderabad, then Berkowits assures you a flawless result. The advanced techniques used by the experienced surgeons at our clinic will help you beat the hereditary baldness by its roots.

    The modern methodology used at our clinic hits the right chord between comfort and cost. There will be no scar visible on the patient’s head. It takes as less as two weeks for the donor site to look completely normal, which other hair transplantations fail to promise and live by.

    Furthermore, your hair growth will be sustained throughout your life and has no chance of falling out. Hence, the best hair transplant in Hyderabad provided at Berkowitz clinic is the only way to restore the genetically deficient hair.

    Not only do we have no gender or age barrier, but we also guarantee you zero side-effects after the procedure.

    Steps taken before the surgery

    • The patient visits the clinic for consultation
    • The doctor examines the patient
    • The cost of hair transplant is determined based on the extant of bald area.
    • You will be advised and intimated about the procedure involved
    • Based on your decision, an appointment will be fixed for the procedure

    The process of hair implantation

    At Berkowits, we follow the below steps for performing hair transplant:

    • The hair follicles from the donor site are extracted
    • The extracted grafts are then divided into small grafts
    • The grafts are then implanted on the required area
    • Hair grows gradually over a period of a few months

    Types of Hair Transplants at Berkowits

    Traditional FUE
    Berkowits MaxGro FUE Transplant
    Berkowits DHT Technique
    Berkowits Robotic Hair Transplant

    Types of Hair Transplants at Berkowits

    Traditional FUE

    Berkowits MaxGro FUE Transplant

    Berkowits DHT Technique

    Berkowits Robotic Hair Transplant

    FUE Transplant

    This is the traditional hair transplant method where each graft of hair is extracted individually through an incision, and the follicular units are kept outside for 3 to 4 hours. They are then implanted back into the balding areas of the recipient.

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    MaxGro FUE Transplant

    In MaxGro FUE, there is no need of placing the hair follicular units outside the body. This improves the result and effectiveness of the transplant process.

    Folliciles Classification
    Folliciles Injection
    Folliciles Injection

    DHT Technique

    Direct Transplantation Technique or DHT is similar to FUE transplant except that it uses a “hollow pen” for the process. Although DHT technique doesn’t require shaving of the head, surgery duration is longer and may cause stress to the follicles. This procedure is mostly recommended for female patients.

    Robotic Hair Transplant

    Also known as Neo Graft, Berkowits offers this breakthrough technology in hair transplant. This patented Robotic technology adds efficiency and improvements to the traditional hair transplant method. This controlled implantation technique offers controlled pressure and suction to avoid damage of hair roots.

    Why Berkowits Clinic for Hair Transplant in Hyderabad?

    Many hair clinics offer the hair transplantation procedure, but there are reasons why you may choose Berkowits over others:

    The surgeons are very experienced. There is no wastage of hair grafts or follicle destruction during the extraction phase.

    They offer complete transparency in their procedures and do not leave anything to ambiguity for their clients.

    Berkowits –Great Results, Every Time

    The timeline of Berkowits presence in the hair and skin industry is proof of their high quality of services. They began 1986 and over the years have emerged as one of the major brands in India having clinics all over the country. Their services and treatments are no less than international standards. Their achievements rest on their impeccable dedication to innovation and science.

    They have continuously updated themselves in their niche sector. They have standard processes in place to ensure excellent results each time. They treat each customer warmly and understand their concerns. The staff at Berkowits is highly qualified and trained in all areas. They guarantee accountability for all the services provided.

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