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    Hair Transplant for Men

    Although a minimally invasive procedure, it is not as straight forward as it seems. With years of experience and dedication, one can master this complicated process. Hair Transplant today faces the risk of being commoditized due to the sudden explosion of Hair transplant clinics all over the world. As a prospective Hair Transplant candidate, it is imperative that you understand the procedure and the parameters that make a good Hair Transplant clinic before choosing one for yours. Here’s all that you need to know about Hair Transplant (We advise seeing a hair transplant doctor for more information). Hair Restoration has gone to the next level with the introduction of Hair Transplantation. Big shots of the society including many celebrities and sportsmen are seen proudly endorsing the procedure on multiple occasions. In this procedure, existing hair is transplanted from a donor site to a recipient site i.e. the bald area. Speaking in layman terms, one could use the example of a plant; when transplanting a plant from one pot to another the plant is the hair and the pot is your scalp.

    Types of Hair Transplants at Berkowits

    Traditional FUE
    Berkowits MaxGro FUE Transplant
    Berkowits DHT Technique
    Berkowits Robotic Hair Transplant

    Types of Hair Transplants at Berkowits

    Traditional FUE

    Berkowits MaxGro FUE Transplant

    Berkowits DHT Technique

    Berkowits Robotic Hair Transplant

    FUE Transplant

    FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplants are primarily responsible for making Hair Transplants so popular and making FUT or ‘Strip Method’ obsolete.

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    Traditional FUE

    Each hair graft or follicular unit is individually extracted by making an incision around it using small circular punches, these hair follicular units are placed outside the body (For as long as 3-4 hours) and then re-implanted back into the scalp in the balding recipient areas.

    Folliciles Classification
    Folliciles Injection
    Folliciles Injection

    Berkowits MaxGro FUE Transplant

    Berkowits MaxGro FUE Hair Transplant skip step 3 and doesn’t require for the follicular units to be placed outside the body for long. Thus boosting the growth and survival rate of Hair Transplants, making it much more effective!

    Berkowits DHT Technique

    DHT or Direct Hair Transplantation Technique uses the same extraction method as FUE but uses a specially formulated ‘hollow pen’ for implantation. The major advantage of DHT is that it doesn’t require for the head to be shaved. It may however cause added stress to the follicle and result in longer surgery durations. It is recommended for Female Hair Transplants.

    Berkowits Robotic Hair Transplant

    It’s a breakthrough one of a kind technology introduced by Medicament, France by the name of S.A.F.E.R (Suction Assisted Follicular Extraction and Re-implantation) Robot and is well known as Neo Graft in the western world.
    This patented robot adds various new dimensions enhancing the results and efficiency to the conventional manual hair transplant techniques. This procedure has resulted in vivid improvements to conventional graft harvesting techniques by providing controlled suction so that the hair root does not get damaged. It also opts for controlled pressure re-implantation rather than manual direct hair transplantation.

    Cost of Hair Transplant at Berkowits

    *All Treatments at Berkowits are available on Zero downpayment EMI

    Why is it important to get the surgery done from an experienced surgeon?

    Hair Transplant, although a minimally invasive surgery with rare complications, can have adverse effects if proper hygiene is not maintained. A poorly operated surgery would lead to not only wastage of grafts but may also result in a scenario where reconstructive hair transplant becomes impossible.

    What about the variation in cost?

    Many doctors who are looking to learn Hair Transplant want to practice it and thus offer Hair Transplantation at throwaway prices. Be careful of such clinics.

    Why you should focus on transparency?

    While going for this surgery one must be aware of the major problem being faced by the industry due to unethical practices of charging for a different number of grafts as compared to the number of grafts actually being implanted. Not many clinics have a transparent system in place and use this ambiguity to charge the client extra. Thus profiting from such unethical practices.

    What factors to consider before choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic?

    Hair Transplant is not as straight forward as some might want to make you believe. It is a well-balanced combination of science and art. One must mimic nature to its core to get the best possible results. The direction of the implanted hairline and the natural hairline should together imitate how natural hair grows or else, the implanted hair would end up giving an unnatural look. Ensure you verify a clinic’s authenticity by asking for client testimonials, before and after pictures of clients along with details on the number of grafts implanted.

    How to analyze hair transplant cost benefit while choosing for a Hair Transplant Clinic?

    An experienced center not only looks expensive right from the first look but it also offers a lot more value for its clients in terms of results. The most accurate way to assess and compare the Hair Transplant cost is as follows:

    1. Account for Graft Wastage: Inexperienced technicians destroy the follicle in the extraction process. These grafts are useless and will not grow. Add at least a wastage of 15-20% graft while you opt to go ahead with inexperienced and cheap centers.
    2. Are you really getting what you will pay for?: Graft inflation can be as high as 30-50%. Eg. You might be paying for 3000 grafts at Rs.30 per graft but if only 2000 are implanted, you are indirectly being charged Rs.45 per graft.
    3. Graft Survival Rate: The longer the grafts are kept outside the body, the less likely they are to survive and grow again. Upcoming new and inexperienced centers cut cost by employing lesser employees and making them do multiple tasks. This leads to an increased gap between graft extraction and implantation. Add another 10-15% difference in the result. While making the final choice, remember to pick the center giving you the best results not just a good surgery deal.

    The Berkowits Advantage!

    Before / After Treatment

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    Name: Jainender Kumar
    Feedback: Highly qualified and experienced, the panel of Doctors. Energetic staff. For me it was great. I couldn't find a better place for my hair transplant. Even, aftercare treatment is done with proper attention and the same enthusiast.
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