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    Non surgical Hair Replacement

    Non surgical Hair Replacement is the art of integrating human hair with your own hair to give you the most natural full head of hair. This baldness treatment option is recommended in conditions where the possibility of hair restoration through surgical procedures and medication ceases to perform.

    For decades, people have benefitted from the freedom and versatility these hair wigs have to offer. Given the immense customization options they come with, hair wigs are no longer looked upon as a fancy fashion accessory.

    Advantages of the Procedure

    The biggest advantage of this procedure is the density of hair it can offer. If you are looking to reverse the clock and look 10-20 years younger, this is the procedure for you.

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    Offers an unmatchable density of hair

    No other procedure can give you the density of hair that hair replacement can.

    Non-Surgical Procedure

    In case you are scared of going under the knife, this is the procedure for you.


    Never think you cannot afford to get your hair back without considering this procedure. If money is the deal breaker for you. This might be the procedure for you.

    Quickest way to get hair

    2 hours. That’s all it takes for you to go from Bald to Bold.

    The Pioneer

    You might be faintly aware of this baldness treatment procedure by the many names it has been given like Hair Weaving, Hair Bonding, Hair clipping, taping, Toupee, Hair Fixing etc. These are in-fact the many different ways of wig-attachment and yours would be decided by our specialist on the basis of your lifestyle and comfort.

    Berkowits is the pioneer of non surgical hair replacement in India. Some of our trademarks in the industry include

    Methods at Berkowits

    Some of the attachment methods at Berkowits are


    At Berkowits we swear by Hair Bonding unless your lifestyle requires another attachment process. It is in our experience the most comfortable process that offers unmatched results. Moreover, we have trademarked the process we use for hair bonding. Our trademarked BluGlu is a hair bond that we have developed in-house to suit the sub-tropical climate. It is a hypoallergenic anti-bacterial hair bond that gives a lasting hold in even hot and humid conditions.


    Another method of attachment is offered to those that want the comfort of removing the Hair Skin whenever they wish. It is not recommended at Berkowits as it does it compromises on how natural the hair skin feels.


    Hair weaving is one of the oldest methods of attachment in the industry. A track is made using ones existing hair and hair system is sewn onto that track for support. It is not the favored treatment at Berkowits as it can lead to Traction Alopecia.

    Before / After Treatment

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