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How to Wear and Maintain Your Hair System in Lockdown

How to Wear and Maintain Your Hair System in Lockdown

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Hello Berkowits Community,

We have had to close our clinics due to the Corona Virus lockdown and empathetic towards the inconvenience it might have caused our community. This blog post is dedicated to how to wear and maintain your hair system when you don’t have access to any Berkowits clinic.

How to Remove your hair unit when its partially loose

Step 1: Identify which side will be easier to come off (Front or Back). Start spraying the Glue Remover on the net part of the hair system. In case you don’t have access to a glue remover you can use Isopropyl Alcohol.

Note: In case you use a hair unit with a 100% poly border, you will need to spray glue remover on a cotton swab and rub it on the edges.

Step 2: Gently pull the loose side till the glue starts to come off

How to Clean and Condition your hair unit

Step 1: After the successful removal of hair unit from the scalp, there may be residue from the glue/tape on the hair unit and the scalp. It is very important that both the scalp and the hair unit are clean of all residue before you. Again, you can use Glue Remover/Isopropyl Alcohol to remove the residue before you shampoo your scalp and the hair unit.

Step 2: Gently shampoo your hair unit by dipping it in a mug or a bowl with pre-mixed shampoo and water. Dip the hair unit in the bowl and gently clean the base of the unit. Throw out the shampoo water.

Step 3: Take some conditioner in your hands and rub it on the hair. Be careful that the conditioner should not reach the roots of the hair unit. Use a comb to spread it. When it is equally spread, keep your hair patch upside down (Hair Side on Bottom) for 5 mins. Rinse in a mug/bowl with only water. Remove and pat dry with a towel.

Step 4:

Thoroughly clean your scalp with a shampoo. (Do not use a conditioner)

How to prepare your hair unit for Attachment

We will be only sharing the taping method as it is easier to handle.

Step 1: Cut tape tabs that are 2-4 inches wide and apply on the border of the hair system except the front. (You can use Red Tape, Blue tape, Ultra Hold Tape, No-shine Tape etc. whatever is available). Overlap one tape tab with another (By 2-3 cm), this will make removing the tape backing later.

Note: Thicker tapes are easier to handle at first and some tapes may shine through the hair system. Select your tape by reading about it first.

Step 2: Apply V tape tab to the front of the hair unit. If you don’t have a V tape use smaller tabs for the front and cut any extra sides that might be going outside the border.

How to attach your hair unit

Step 1: Put the hair system on your head WITHOUT taking off the backing from the tape. See the position of the hair unit you would like to finalize. Mark the front hairline with a Kajal Pencil. (This will help you position your unit accurately). You can also mark the hairline

Step 2: Fold the tape backing from the back of the hair patch. This will help you remove the backing later.

Step 2: Take the tape backing off ONLY from the front. Align the hair unit with the hairline points you made with the Kajal Pencil. And start pressing the hair unit back to front.

Step 3: Once the front of the hair patch is secured, remove the tape tabs from the back of the hair unit.

Step 4: Attach the back. Press with your fingers to secure the entire hair system (Especially the parts with the tape).

Step 5: Style and Comb!

Note: We have used hair system/hair patch and hair unit interchangeably in this blog.


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