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Laser Hair Removal is More Economical Than Waxing

In our fast paced life, little time we have to spend on petty things like getting hair waxed every second week and that is why Laser hair removal is the choice of most of decisive brains.

Gone are the days when Laser Hair removal was indeed an expensive procedure as there were very few players in the market that could offer this technology on considerable prices.

Apparently, it is still quite an expensive deal, but, if you consider all the factors associated with it, you will realize that Laser Hair Removal is more cost effective than waxing. For better understanding let us take an example. Suppose, I opt for a Laser Hair Removal Treatment for my hands, I would be spending around ₹20,000 in total and get rid of my unwanted hair permanently and painlessly, though 5 to 7 sittings are required. This amount seems to be quite high when compared with the amount (₹ 1000) spent on waxing on one sitting.

However, I cannot ignore the biggest fact that I will be spending ₹1000 every second week or third week; making it around ₹15,000 per year and I can multiply the amount for the years to come ahead. Well! I am not that pessimist who will think, “Who knows how long I am going to live”. Coming to the point, I will be spending a hell lot more amount of my hard earned money in due course of time if I opt for waxing. Not only this, I will have to go through the hassle of visiting the saloon and not to forget the level of pain and grimacing during each session of waxing. Worth mentioning is the amount of my precious time spent which I can otherwise spend on productive things.

Hence, one thing is pretty clear that Laser Hair Removal is more economical than waxing. To add on it gives the complete and perpetual freedom from that embarrassing unwanted hair growth.

What are you waiting for? Get connected with our expert consultants to know more about Laser hair removal packages and benefits. We at Berkowits have Nd:Yag, Diode lasers and IPL lasers to offer you all from IPL hair removal toelectrolysis hair removal treatment.

So, whether you are planning to go to the beach this summer or dress up your cool dresses, stay free from the worry of being hairy with the help of Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

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