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    Our Advantages You have a number of reasons to choose us!

    Laser Hair Reduction Experience At Berkowits
    (In terms of Safety, Technology and Precautions)

    1. Advanced U.S.F.D.A (Approved Technology): We have goldstandard technology in hair reduction i.e. Diode laser well suited to Indian skin types which delivers superior results. All the machines at Berkowits are U.S.F.D.A approved.
    2. Painless Laser: Painless lasers make the process extremely smooth and hassle free to the patient. It delivers safe, effective an permanent results.
    3. Expertise: At Berkowits, laser hair reduction is only performed by board certified laser technicians well trained in the procedure under the supervision of a doctor or a skin specialist.

    Safety Protocol During Covid19 Our medical specialists care about you & your family’s health.

    1. Technicians are proper dressed in PPE for treatments.
    2. Temperature check at the entrance for the visitors and staff.
    3. Arogya setu of staff checked daily
    4. Sanitization daily with sodium hypochloride solution.
    5. Apart from the procedure being performed by well-trained technicians,we take pre-post treatment precautions like icing ,laser protection glasses,maintaining proper temperature in the treatment room for patient comfort.

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    Meet Our Doctors Our Doctor Have Rich Experience in Laser Hair Reduction

    Dr. Anupriya Goel Medical Director

    An Aesthetic Dermatologist, she has made a name for herself in a very short span of time. Being the medical director of Berkowits Hair and Skin clinic, a team of more than 170 technicians and paramedical staff work under her guidance.

    Dr. Lamha Siddiqui Consultant Doctor

    A clinical cosmetologist and trichologist with more than 3 years of rich experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. She has good clinical experience in advanced injectable procedures in hair and skin. She has a fellowship in medical cosmetology from ILAMED, New Delhi.

    Frequently Asked Questions About LeadPress

    What is Laser Hair Reduction?

    Laser hair reduction is a non-invasive procedure by which unwanted hair are removed from any part of the body by utilizing a long pulsed laser.
    The laser parameters are carefully defined by studying the anatomy of the hair follicle and precisely matching the laser light and pulse duration to the follicle size, depth and location to inhibit the re-growth of the hair.
    Laser hair reduction is performed by a specially-trained laser technician or a doctor, who directs the light of a long pulsed laser onto the skin. The laser works by destroying hair that is in their active growth phase at the time of treatment. Since other hair will enter their growth cycle at different times, several sessions are necessary to destroy all of the follicles in a treatment area.

    Is Laser Hair Reduction Permanent?

    The FDA-USA has approved the process as? permanent reduction which means that one shouldn?t expect laser to remove every single hair from an area. Some might need touch-up treatments once or twice a year after the initial set of treatment for any new growth the body may develop.

    How Many Laser Treatments sessions Will I Need and how frequent?

    The number of treatments depends on the skin and hair colour, density and coarseness of the hair, as well as the specific area to be treated. On average, 5-7 treatments, scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart will approximately reduce hair growth by 70 -90%.
    Additional session might be required to eliminate the hairs that came out of the dormant phase and are now active.

    Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Reduction?

    Both men and women seek laser hair reduction services to get unwanted hair removed. Hair reduction is commonly done on the hairline, eyebrow, top of the nose, Sideburns, upper & lower lip, chin, ear lobe, face, neck, nape, shoulders, back, underarm, abdomen, buttocks, pubic area, bikini lines, thighs, breast, arms, legs, hands, and toes.
    The laser works best on dark coarse hair. Nd: YAG long pulse and diode types of lasers work for all skin types (I – VI).

    What are the precautions during the Treatment?

    Following precautions are expected from a patient during the course of the entire treatment:
    1. No waxing or removing hair with the root with any other way
    2. After treatment is completed, aloe vera should be applied to soothe the skin
    3. Exfoliating and/or scrubbing gently in the shower with a loofa after the treatment may help speed up the shedding process of hair

    Is Laser Hair Reduction Painful?

    No. it is not as painful as waxing but it generates a quick? rubber band snap? kind of sensation with each pulse.

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