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Berkowits Plastic Head Massage Brush for Dandruff and Hair Loss (3-inch, White and Green)

Berkowits Plastic Head Massage Brush for Dandruff and Hair Loss (3-inch, White and Green)


  • Extra soft comb tooth: made of rubber and plastics. Gently loosens up dead skin cells and residual product build-up
  • Boosts blood circulation: its soft bristles gently stimulate blood flow all over the scalp to help you relax and rejuvenate
  • Effective cleaning capability: efficiently removes dandruff, exfoliates and cleans up the scalp to give healthy hair from the roots
  • Ergonomically designed handle: the brush is water-resistant and has a specially designed handle to give a firm hold
  • Suitable for all hair types: the brush is universal in nature and can be applied to any type of scalp and hair
SKU: Comb_Ecom_107


The shower hair brush is used while taking a bath to massage the scalp and clean out dandruff from the root. It increases blood circulation while ensuring that the shampoo/serum reaches the hair root to have the desired effect on dandruff and hair loss. The fact that all of this is comes in the form of a relaxing head massage is an added bonus. The hairwits shampoo brush is extremely handy for all kinds of hair. Made with plastic and rubber, it is completely water proof and crack resistant. It helps clear out debris from the scalp while increasing blood circulation, thus helping with hair loss and dandruff. Advantages: dual shaped bristles for maximum coverage ensure that no area is missed out. Criss-cross placement of bristles for proper cleansing. Rubber bristles for effective and smooth cleansing.


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