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Hairwits Extra Wide Tooth Comb

Hairwits Extra Wide Tooth Comb


Hairwits Neem Wooden Comb is made from the wood of Indian Neem (Azadirachta Indica) tree, this wood has proven anti bacterial and anti fingal properties that keep the comb clean and safe for a longer period. Regular combing with Neem WoodComb adds shine to the hair and provides microbial protection from dandruff and itchy scalp. It also helps reduce static in the hair. Each teeth of the comb is rounded to safely massage the scalp. Neem wood also has the ability to distribute natural scalp oil or sebum through the hair, adding more shine than plastic combs.


A must have comb for all hair types ,the Hairwits Extra Wide Tooth Comb has generous spacing between the teeth to ensure minimum breakage. Its large diameter of each individual tooth also ensures that the scalp is massaged safely while combing. These attributes help to comb and detangle wet or dry hair while preventing hair breakage. Its anti slip grip It is is also a curl loving comb that detangles and styles curly hair without making them straight!


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