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    Skin Brightening or Skin Lightening has had enormous demand in India due to the traditional fascination with ‘fair skin’. At Berkowits, we condemn this mindset that has resulted in many harmful chemicals such as Bleach, Hydroquinone and even steroids making way into regular day to day cosmetic use of the Indian population. Chemicals such as Hydroquinone and Bleach are harmful for the skin when used regularly and do more damage than benefit in the long run.

    People, be it men or women or of different ethnicities, have always wished for naturally radiant skin. When they grow old, they begin to lose the brightness in their skin because of various signs of ageing such as dark spots and fine lines.

    Some people lose brightness because of other reasons as well, such as hyperpigmentation or spots due to sun damage. Hyperpigmentation is nothing but the accumulation of a pigment called melanin in various patches on your skin. This pigment is responsible for causing tanning and increases with age. But what if someone tells you that there are various methods in existence which can decrease the amount of melanin and can solve other skin related problems to make your skin glow and more radiant?

    Our skin lightening treatments emphasize clearer and radiant skin over fairer skin. In our opinion, clear glowing skin irrespective of its complexion is a more important sign of beauty than fair skin.

    Treatments at Berkowits

    Even skin-tones can be achieved with the following treatments at Berkowits


    A master antioxidant, it plays a crucial role in neutralizing free radicals. It is also known to restrict melanin production that can help in the treatment of dark spots and pigmentation

    Q-switched laser

    A laser that targets melanin and breaks it down, it is used widely to treat dark spots, pigmentation and even tattoo removal!

    Derma Peels

    Chemical peels exfoliate the upper layers of the skin to reveal new skin that is lighter and healthier than the old layer it replaces. It diminishes the appearance of spots and pigmentation.

    The following methods can be adopted by any person to acheive glowing and radiant skin:-

    1. Skin whitening:-

    Skin whitening or face whitening is a common procedure which people go through but is controversial at the same time. It is just like bleaching your face by going through a skin whitening facial, which sounds pretty harmful. If you do not wish to consult a skin specialist to get radiant skin, then skin whitening is not the right choice for you. It involves procedures like chemical peel treatment in which chemicals are applied on your skin, and the upper layer is removed to reveal a better looking and radiant skin. Another procedure is laser resurfacing, which involves the use of a laser beam to improve your skin, which sounds harmful as the laser beam can result in bruising and irritation in the long run. This procedure is not advisable for the patients with medical history related to the heart. Also, this procedure can burn a hole in your pocket as the skin whitening treatment cost is INR 2,00,000.

    1. Skin lightening:-

    It is another procedure for skin brightening but it is convenient and has no negative effects as such. It helps to get over hyper-pigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin instead of bleaching it. It can be done naturally by getting a skin lightening facial done, which has products like retinol and bearberry extracts, which are natural. But when you decide to get this facial done or go to buy face whitening cream then make sure that you do not buy a product containing hydroquinone. It is a harmful drug which can irritate a lot of skin types. An alternative to hydroquinone can be glutathione injections which contain an ingredient called glutathione. It also comes in the form of ointments and oils. This ingredient not only makes your skin radiant and glowing but also repairs and regenerates tissues.

    1. Skin brightening:-

    It is also a procedure which removes the dead and dull cells and reveals a more radiant and flawless looking skin. Products with skin brightening agents are used in various skin, improving regimens to combat the signs of ageing.

    1. Home remedies:-

    Home remedies can also work and won’t show any side effects in the long run. Ingredients like liquorice root extract, mulberry, bearberry extracts, lemon and other ingredients with vitamin C can be used to make skin lightening facial mixtures. Vitamin C is also a prominent ingredient used in face whitening facials as it reduces the production of cells which cause ageing. Facials made with papaya, orange, gram flour, sandalwood, yoghurt and oatmeal can also be applied to get a better-looking skin. Aloe Vera and honey always prove to be lifesavers and can come in handy even for skin lightening.

    Exfoliation and scrubbing can also be tried as it removes all the impurities and dead skin and results in healthy looking skin.

    So these procedures can change the way your skin looks and the way you look at your skin. These remedies will make your skin look radiant, and you will be able to glow from within.

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